Setting up for setting sail

17 June 2020
17 June 2020 Admin

[Image: Michael Amme (c) 2015]<\br>

After a long wait, dense in uncertainties about the development of the Covid19 lockdown throughout Europe, NANUQ2020 has begun setup operations and issued a schedule update for its journey. The expedition crew is planned to gather in Bergen (Norway) on July 13th and begin boat and equipment preparation and checks. NANUQ will leave Bergen on July 17th heading for Shetland, Faer Oer and Iceland, where it will dock at Isafjordur on July 23rd, having logged about 1,600 km. A stop-over will take place in order to refuel and fill up the water tanks, as well as for performing the last pre-expedition checks. NANUQ will depart Isafjordur on Saturday July 25th and two days later it will reach the Arctic wilderness at the southern edge of the Blosseville Coast, following it northbound for over 490 km until reaching Cap Brewster on August 8th. It will then return to Isafjordur for refuelling and renewing supplies, and also to allow for crew turnover; then the expedition will leave again on August 4th, heading back to Greenland and exploring Scoresby Sund for 9 days. After a final stop-over in Isafjordur, NANUQ will then reach Reykjavik and moore there on August 23rd for deactivation and wintering preparations.