Blosseville Coast exploration mission

NANUQ 2020

image credits: Michael Amme (c) 2015

Mission Objectives

The aim of Nanuq 2020 is to make an expeditive survey of the Blosseville coast with selected places in order to describe its unique environment and features.

Its volcanic origin makes it most interesting to environmental science, such as e.g. thermal wells that are unique ecosystems and can give clues to future development induced by climate change.

Due to its remoteness, probes from the shore and mountain lakes will reveal unique data to understanding of transport of pollutants (especially micro- and nano plastics surface and sediment probes from places never ever visited by humans).

A documentary will share our observations and arise consciousness about the fragile nature of the arctic environment. During the expedition on-board activities will be shared on social media and Internet.

Collected data will be open-source for scientific and educational purposes.

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