Tamara & Kevin
-Installation, follow up the images taken by the gopro on the mast
-Spontaneous support during sampling excursions
-Attentive and active watches
The project to sample sediments by snorkeling at the bottom of fjords and lakes is led by our teammate Kevin. With water temperatures dropping to -0.5°, I’m keeping a close eye on him during his dives to be ready to react quickly and efficiently in case of health issues. He dives with his fins up and I start my stopwatch, the seconds are slow until he reappears among these giant ice cubes. Current, wind, drifting iceberg, unclear water, various elements that require  faultless attention, I accompany him during these sampling dives to give him the necessary equipment and take note of the important data (depth of the bottom, ts, gps, etc.). The reports are then drafted, together in the cockpit, dry and warm.