Getting Ready for a Scientific Adventure

28 July 2020 Gianluca Casagrande

13.00 UTC – S/Y NANUQ is at a pier in Seyðisfjörður and the crew is getting ready to begin leg 20, which will develop, among other experiences, the main scientific core of the expedition. The two Polarquest team members, Kevin Monneron and Gaspard Durieux are getting onboard at this time, while the rest of the crew sets up for the new departure. NANUQ should leave the harbor tomorrow morning, with a first planned destination in Grimsey, a small island north of Iceland and the Arctic Circle. Ice conditions in Greenland, around the Blosseville Coast, are being monitored by Prof. Gallinelli in these hours. According to the latest bulletins, the density of floating ice and icebergs in several research areas appears to be unfavourable, but the operations plan will be updated daily in order to optimize the work.

22.10 UTC – Skipper’s dispatch: “Long day making NANUQ ready for the core of the expedition: maintenance on engine, batteries, rigging, refueling, supplies and getting everyone comfortably installed onboard. We will now have dinner prepared by Gaspard and completed by wonderful Icelandic cod offered by local fishermen. It couldn’t be better before casting-off towards Greenland’s icy coasts at a 2 days sailing distance NE”