NANUQ2020 – Mission Complete

12 August 2020
12 August 2020 Gianluca Casagrande

18.45 UTC – NANUQ has just docked at Ísafjörður, NANUQ2020 final destination. Prof. Peter Gallinelli sent a message with his first statement at the conclusion of the expedition: “Just arrived in ISAF (…) Tomorrow a storm will blow over the area and the small  harbour is crowded with boats of all kinds seeking shelter. But the end of the expedition does not mean the end of project NANUQ2020. We have gathered considerable amounts of data that will now be transferred to different partner labs for analysis. (…) We are grateful and proud of having been able to make the expedition come true in the context of Covid that was the main challenge, simply to compose an exploration worthy crew in times of uncertainty, get permission to go onboard and to cast-off, to get financing at a time when most would wait and see.” The in-lab analysis of expedition data will begin at Swiss, French and Italian institutions, as soon as they will be transferred by the NANUQ2020 crew.

Updates about the results will be periodically published on this website.