Letting Images Tell Stories 2

15 August 2020
15 August 2020 Gianluca Casagrande

S/Y NANUQ is now safely moored at Isafjordur, adequately prepared for wintering. After having made back-ups of the expedition data and having packed-up the scientific equipment, the crew drove 500 km yesterday to reach Keflavik. They are now (Aug 15, 7.55 local time) boarding an Icelandair flight to return to Geneva. While the workgroup activities are switching to the post-expedition phase and the laboratories are preparing to commence data analysis, there is also time to recall moments of the expedition, knowing that, sometimes, to bring home a memory or a feeling might be as important as collecting additional scientific data. So it is time for us, also, to let images tell another story, the story of NANUQ2020 among the ice of Greenland and of quite adventurous days between the largest island in the world and “milder” (climate-wise) Iceland. This gallery of images will be expanded as soon as more photographic material is sent by the crew. We hope that these views of Arctic landscapes and of a sustainable human presence will help us share a message on behalf of NANUQ2020: a message of affection and hope for a more respectful human attitude towards the environment.